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    Manmadhan Ambu Movie Review

    Manmadhan Ambu Movie Review This is not the first time Madhavan is cherishing his experience working with Kamal Haasan. And this is also not going to be last time either, as the actor is so exicted about Manmadhan Ambu, his recent venture with the Ulaga Nayagan. A few days ago, the actor watched Manmadhan Ambu along with fans at a popular theatre in Chennai. Watching the film with the super charged Tamil folk is a whole new ego boosting experience, he says. The actor adds: Thank you all in the fraternity for wishing me for my drunkard act in Manmadhan Ambu and sending me alcohol, to show your appreciation. No, No I’m not a drinker at all, totally not into alcohol. Manmadhan Ambu Online : Talking about Kamal, with whom he worked earlier in Anbe Sivam, Madhavan, who is also the hero o


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