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    Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 7

    Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 7 : Mike The Situation Sorrentino may have gotten his big break on MTVs Jersey Shore, but according to a new interview that he conducted with E! News Marc Malkin, it seems like he is ready to start exiting the number one reality series on television. Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 7 : The Situation then compared his dominance of reality tv to Michael Jordans dominance of the NBA during the 1990?s. Its like Michael Jordan. Theres only so long you can keep winning them rings, he said. I understand The Situations thinking: the best way to advance is to move up while youre still popular. But has any reality TV personality made it big as a movie star (or even on scripted TV)? Maybe he should see how a guest spot on Skins goes? Oh, wait, that show may get canceled b
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