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8 May 2011

Best Worst Movie - Plot Movies : My husband had one on his list; he wanted to see the movie better or worse. I know the name sounds promising, but I went with him. We put them in our online Blockbuster queue with a “long wait” state, and he did not flinch. I mean, who waited more than six months, at least so you can get, so I think it’s a good documentary to boot. How many of you know, I’m canceling our Netflix and Blockbuster in my Blockbuster account is closed … anyway. The film premiered last week Netflix sent, but not stop until the night before.

The best and worst film is a documentary about Troll 2, a horror movie twenty years ago. Was ranked as the worst movie in the world and highlighted. The label’s probably true, but as with all films usually have some fans. Troll 2 is no different. During the last decade has increased the base of the fans and suggested that the film a cult status with people crying with laughter instead of crawling or saving their eyes on each viewing it.

Michael Stephenson: The documentary film directed by actor Troll for the second tells the story of how the film came to be, he went directly to a VHS tape and quickly forgotten - or so he thought. Nearly two decades later, and without production of Hollywood, has been awarded the film a fan base a bit surreal and strong. We meet all the players and how they were ashamed to admit that in the movie - signatures and give talks and demonstrations across the country.

People love this movie - and I mean love! I do not know why, but we all have a film that - no matter what age. I have one - Xanadu (Hey do not laugh - I was ten years when it came out) and I have seen time and again. Apparently, Troll 2, many young people, said the early 90s. They were easy to set to tell anyone else for a while. So it is bitter as a weed that grows slowly and takes a huge cult classic a few years.

I enjoyed this documentary. There were even some scenes where I laughed out loud. Maybe it was not laughing. However Troll 2 be a horror movie, but it was a comedy, so I guess I can. That said, I recommend better and worse, no movies in the queue - hopefully not too long wait.

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